From Waste
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Thanks to our modular, innovative and sustainable technology, we consider obsolete electronic devices as an untapped raw material that can be endlessly reused, creating a new virtuous circle.


By revalorizing the metals present in Printed Circuits Boards (PCB), our solution reduces the need to extract new minerals from the soil while maximizing the economic and ecological potential of revalorizing obsolete electronic products.


The Revalorization

Our solution allows for the revalorization of a very high percentage of metals contained in a PCB while recovering its other components, thus paving the way for an entirely new system of sustainable reintegration that respects our resources from urban mines.

E-waste is a real gold mine


enim Process

PCB are shredded to facilitate handling and collection of metal harvesting.

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Hydrometallurgical stage with recycled liquid recirculation


Environmental Benefit

A series of increasingly intensive washing cycles are used to harvest various metals.

Lead and Tin

Lead and tin are isolated for responsible treatment.

Copper, Nickel, Zinc

These metals are refined to be reintegrated into the value chain.

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Environmental and Competitive Advantage


Uniqueness of the enim Process

Plastics are removed to optimize extraction and ensure maximum recovery of precious metals.

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Hydrometallurgical stage with recycled liquid recirculation


Environmental Benefit

A final wash extracts over 95% of gold and other precious metals in the form of ingots, all without the use of cyanide or mercury.

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Harvested metals such as gold, copper, silver, palladium, lead and tin are reintegrated into the production chain in a closed loop, creating a virtuous circle of circular economy.

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enim's Business Model


Our modular solution allows for the installation of one or more metal revalorization lines within partners’ facilities to maximize the recycling of obsolete electronic products while minimizing environmental impact. It's a new source of profit that combines ecology and economy.

enim's Solution

Based on various proven technologies, the enim solution combines different modules of hydrometallurgical metal treatments to create an entirely new process with superior yields and rapid, cost-effective deployment.

Proven Technology

We innovate through the use of recognized technologies, making a stable and efficient solution

Established Logistics

Through our strategic partnerships, we integrate into the existing logistics and supply chain network, optimizing the value chain.

Modular Construction

We offer a simplified, modular, and compact unit to reduce installation costs and timelines.

Eased Operations & Maintenance

Our equipment is ready for use, easily operable and requires minimal maintenance.


Our patented closed-loop solution enables us to produce materials with a "verified provenance", ensuring that metals are ethically sourced and traceable to their origin.

We Are Different

Environmentally superior to current revalorization methods, the modular technology of enim is cost-effective, sustainable, integrates into the existing supply chain, and enjoys strong social acceptability. Following a visionary ESG policy, the enim solution stands out in several ways:

Ability to revalorize e-waste, particularly low-grade PCB

Higher recovery rates than traditional revalorization methods

Flexible layout adaptable to different scales and environments

No toxic emissions in gaseous, liquid or solid form

All components are isolated and treated to be reintegrated and revalorized to their full potential

We are deploying our technology on a large scale

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