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Article in the magazine of Polytechnique Montréal

Article in the magazine of Polytechnique Montréal

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The magazine Poly featured an article on Hélène Cyr on June 13th.

Here are some excerpts from the article:

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“I was approaching my thirties, and I wanted to experience industrial activities. I went to work at Bombardier Transport. First at the headquarters in Berlin, then in London and Brussels, climbing the ranks of the Signaling and Services divisions.” At just 33 years old, she became the youngest female vice-president in Bombardier’s history. “I had 300 people under my supervision, mostly highly experienced men. My skills and engineering background made me credible in their eyes. My attitude, too, probably. They say I’m demanding but not arrogant.”


As she approached her forties, she experienced a profound personal reevaluation. “The meaning of my work was starting to elude me. I felt disconnected from the human dimension. I had the courage to turn my back on my career, despite the incomprehension of some of my surroundings. To help me refocus, I set out on the Camino de Santiago.”

She then went to Africa to support the widows and orphans of the Rwandan genocide. “My mission in Rwanda was supposed to last for three months, but I stayed for more than 10 years.”

For the Rwanda Economic Development Agency, she carried out projects aimed at attracting foreign investors and developing local businesses.

Wanting to share her life experience, she published a book, ‘Changer de vie,’ which recounts the transformation of her destiny and her African experience.


Shortly before the pandemic, Ms. Cyr returned to work in Quebec. She spent some time in a Hydro-Québec subsidiary dedicated to green technology development, and then was entrusted with the business development strategy for ‘enim.’ This Quebec-based company collects critical and strategic minerals from urban mining, applying innovative technology and a new vision of the electronic waste recovery cycle.

To read the full article, visit the Poly Mtl website.