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Press Release: Launch of enim

Press Release: Launch of enim

Electronic Waste Crisis
enim: A First Viable and Sustainable Solution for Repurposing Obsolete Electronic Devices

MONTREAL, December 17, 2022 / CNW Telbec / – Simon Racicot-Daignault, former president of Hydro-Québec InnovHQ Inc., Dominique Morin, CEO of Seneca, and Jean-Philippe Mai, CEO of Dundee Sustainable Technologies, are joining forces to launch ‘enim,’ a new company offering a unique and sustainable response to the electronic waste crisis. The low-impact process developed transforms obsolete electronic equipment into usable resources through a local, ecological, and economic circular economy approach.

“Electronic products are an integral part of our lives here, as they are everywhere on the planet. However, their constant evolution pushes the market to renew itself continuously. UN projections indicate nearly 75 million tons of electronic waste generated annually by 2030, equivalent to about 550 cruise ships. Unfortunately, the methods used for disposal or partial recycling harm health and the environment,” explains Simon Racicot-Daignault, CEO of enim.

Enim provides the first efficient and responsible solution for recycling and repurposing the metals found in this type of waste. The process locally harvests up to 99% of the strategic minerals in obsolete electronic equipment without emitting toxic fumes or waste. It retrieves and isolates various metals such as palladium, gold, silver, copper, platinum, aluminum, zinc, tin, or lead to reintroduce them into the market. This is a significant breakthrough that offers a sustainable solution to managing electronic waste produced in Quebec and worldwide.

Pilot Plant Under Construction
The company is finalizing plans for its pilot plant located inside the Dundee Sustainable Technologies factory in Thetford Mines. With the technology already patented and demonstrated in the laboratory, enim aims to launch its first commercial plant in 2025. The new facility will extract nine precious metals from the transformation of 5,000 tons of electronic materials ready for reuse. Ultimately, the team aims to export this solution so that as many countries as possible can benefit from it through a licensing or partnership model.

A Strong Trio
Previously at the helm of InnovHQ, Hydro-Québec’s subsidiary overseeing the creation of sustainable energy innovations, Simon Racicot-Daignault combines his expertise with Seneca and Dundee Sustainable Technologies to bring this project to fruition. As a Montreal-based engineering firm behind the creation of various technologies, including Recyclage Lithion, Seneca has developed and patented the innovative hydrometallurgical process at the core of enim. In contrast, Dundee Sustainable Technologies, which operates a factory and laboratory in Thetford Mines, has developed eco-friendly processes for extracting precious metals used by the new solution.

“To ensure its sustainability, our society needs economically viable and sustainable solutions that can be quickly implemented. At enim, we believe we must reinvent the value chain to reduce the carbon footprint of transforming obsolete electronic equipment while maximizing the collection of various strategic materials,” concludes Mr. Racicot-Daigneault.

About enim
Founded in 2022, enim contributes to the fight against climate change through a unique process that aims to transform obsolete electronic equipment into usable resources using a local, sustainable, and economic circular economy approach. enim thus recovers the strategic minerals from obsolete electronic equipment to reintroduce them into the market and reduce the environmental impact of society.


Information: Mathilde St-Vincent, CASACOM, 514-242-6852

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